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Sa modernong panahon, an nagkapirang mga siyentista iyo may mga halangkaw na degri<ref>Cyranoski, David; Gilbert, Natasha; Ledford, Heidi; Nayar, Anjali; Yahia, Mohammed (2011). [ "Education: The PhD factory"]. ''Nature''. '''472''' (7343): 276–279. Bibcode:[ 2011Natur.472..276C]. doi:[[doi:10.1038/472276a|10.1038/472276a]]. PMID&nbsp;[ 21512548].</ref> sa sarong lado nin [[siyensya]] sagkod nagpupursigi nin karera sa manlainlain na sektor kan ekonomiya arug kan akademya, industriya, gobyerno, sagkod dae pangkomersyong kapalibotan.<ref>Kwok, Roberta (2017). [ "Flexible working: Science in the gig economy"]. ''Nature''. '''550''': 419–421. doi:[[doi:10.1038/nj7677-549a|10.1038/nj7677-549a]].</ref><ref>Woolston, Chris (2007). Editorial (ed.). [ "Many junior scientists need to take a hard look at their job prospects"]. ''Nature''. '''550''': 549–552. doi:[[doi:10.1038/nj7677-549a|10.1038/nj7677-549a]].</ref><ref>Lee, Adrian; Dennis, Carina; Campbell, Phillip (2007). [[doi:10.1038/nj7677-549a|"Graduate survey: A love–hurt relationship"]]. ''Nature''. '''550''' (7677): 549–552. doi:[[doi:10.1038/nj7677-549a|10.1038/nj7677-549a]].</ref>
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